Loving Volatility After FOMC Minutes


Volatility’s been on the rise this month, and today’s pro trader wants to make it her best friend.

Sarah Potter of shecantrade.com told viewers of today’s Morning Market Briefing she’s interested in upward-trending stocks that have fallen to support levels. Recently those names include MasterCard (MA), Visa (V) and Goldman Sachs (GS).

“I’m not looking to trade any stock now that’s about to breakout,” she said. “I want to trade stocks that have previous highs or previous lows to get to.”

This matches her view of the broader market, which swung wildly yesterday after the Federal Reserve released minutes from its last meeting.  Nonetheless, she saw potential for a more bullish tone if the the S&P 500 closes back above 2720.

The good news in Potter’s view is that the range-bound, volatile conditions are good for trading — especially when customers leverage moves between certain levels with options. Today, she added she might return to MA after successfully playing its rebound yesterday.

Cisco Systems (CSCO) is another potential bounce candidate. This time she may buy calls if the networking giant tests $42.75 and target a potential move toward $45. “I am looking for more reasonable spaces where it has been before I and I would be more comfortable looking for it to return to,” Potter said of her approach.

However she said Facebook (FB) may be a candidate for bearish put-buying if it continues to hit resistance around $179.

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