Friday, July 19, 2019
Bull in ring

Bulls Regain Footing Above Key Level

Stocks rebounded last week as the bulls regained their footing at a key level. The S&P 500 rose 1.2 percent between Friday, September 7, and...

How the Economic Picture Keeps Improving

Many professional economists keep talking down the prospects for U.S. growth, but today's numbers suggest they're wrong. The common refrain goes something like this: "Tax cuts...

Showdowns in Tech: Let the Ad Wars Begin (AMZN) has disrupted plenty of industries, and now the e-commerce giant is challenging major players in Silicon Valley. We're talking about digital advertising, a...
Harpoon Going Public as Market Waits for Uber IPO

Harpoon Going Public as Market Waits for Uber IPO

Initial public offerings have faced a double-whammy of challenges, but now experts expect a pickup. First, the stock market  ended 2019 with its worst quarterly...

Market Action Summary: 1/7/19

Click here to register for the webinar, which begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. S&P 500 Overview: Consolidation Likely S&P 500 3%+ above 10DMA (overbought) despite bearish...
E-Sports IPO Coming to Market Next Week

Esports IPO Coming to Market Next Week

Esports are the latest thing in tech, and the first company dedicated to the field is going public next week. Super League Gaming (SLGG) plans to...
Know Your Options: What Earnings Mean for Volatility

Know Your Options: What Earnings Mean for Volatility

One of the most predictable trends in the market is that implied volatility rises before big events. But do you know what...
Good News Keeps Coming for the U.S. Economy

Good News Still Coming for the U.S. Economy

Some big reports last week showed widening improvements for the U.S. economy. In case you missed them, let's take a look at the big themes. First,...
Chinese Tech Stocks Have Crushed the Nasdaq

Chinese Tech Stocks Are Crushing the Nasdaq

Forget about trade wars. The big story with China this year may be the runaway rally in the country's technology sector.
Waiting for Uber? Here Comes Yandex

Waiting for Uber IPO? Here Comes Yandex

Everyone's waiting for Lyft and Uber to go public. Did you know Russia's top Internet stock is also active in the ride-sharing...
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