Monday, October 14, 2019
Big News: TradeStation Has Teamed Up With TradingView

Good News Still Coming for the U.S. Economy

Some big reports last week showed widening improvements for the U.S. economy. In case you missed them, let's take a look at the big themes. First,...

Slowdown? Economic Data Doesn’t Show It

Pundits keep warning about an economic slowdown, but the data continues to prove them wrong. Only 199,000 Americans sought unemployment benefits last week. It was...
Markets Take a Huge Dovish Turn, Just in Time for Powell's Speech

Markets Take a Huge Dovish Turn, Just in Time for Powell’s Speech

Key employment data is due this morning, but the bigger story may be Jerome Powell in the afternoon. The...
Jerome Powell Has to Walk a Fine Line in Congress Today

Jerome Powell Has to Walk a Fine Line in Congress Today

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell begins two days of testimony in Congress today. It will be closely watched with some key...
Dollar Hammered as Fed's Bostic Turns Dovish

Dollar Slides with Doves Ruling the Roost at the Fed

Hawks at the Federal Reserve keep morphing into doves, hammering the greenback. Several comments from the central bank yesterday expressed a cautious view of interest...

How the New Tax Law Impacts Traders

Do you trade for a living, or want to trade for a living? America's new tax law makes some big changes everyone should know...
Stocks Finish Emotionally Charged Week Lower

Stocks End Lower After an Emotionally Charged Week

Stocks ended last week with a sharp drop as emotions swung from optimism to pessimism. The S&P 500 was...

Here’s How Amazon Is Changing the Job Market

Regardless of how this week's big jobs report turns out, one thing seems certain: E-commerce is transforming big parts of the U.S. job market. Consider...

Fed Signals Potentially ‘Dovish’ Turn

After years of steady rate hikes, the Federal Reserve may be signaling a change of course. The U.S. central bank's top two policymakers made potentially "dovish"...
Interest Rates Are Crashing: Here's What You Need to Know

Interest Rates Are Crashing. Here’s What You Need to Know

Interest rates are nosediving around the world. Here's what you need to know as this becomes an increasingly mainstream story.
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