Monday, January 27, 2020
Podcast: A Fear Bubble Is Deflating in the Stock Marketvideo

Podcast: Chip Stocks Are Flying

This podcast reviews why semiconductor stocks are rebounding this year. It explores stronger orders, research, management calls and how 5G networks could fuel a new investment boom. TRANSCRIPT
Podcast: A Fear Bubble Is Deflating in the Stock Marketvideo

Podcast: The U.S. Consumer Is Getting Stronger

This podcast reviews how strong consumer data may reduce dangers of a looming U.S. recession. It also breaks down how the industry is undergoing historic change as demographics change and e-commerce spreads.

Podcast: Jerome Powell’s Big Day in Congress

Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks in Congress today with markets looking for the central bank to lower interest rates on July 31. Is he caving to political pressure from President Trump, or...

Podcast: A Search for New Leadership in the Stock Market

Explore the positives and negatives facing stocks as the S&P 500 consolidates at levels from April. Can a dovish Federal Reserve offset weakness in big companies like Apple and Facebook?
Podcast: A Fear Bubble Is Deflating in the Stock Marketvideo

Podcast: President Trump’s Trade War and Technology Stocks

This podcast explores how companies like software makers and electronic payment firms are holding their ground despite the tariffs hammering other corners of technology. Listen for more.

Podcast: Trump’s Trade War and the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar is inching higher in a right range as President Trump’s trade war hurts the global economy. This podcast will discuss what it could mean for markets.

Podcast: Diagnosing Trump’s Trade War

Volatility returned to U.S. markets in the last week as Washington and Beijing raised tariffs on each other. This podcast considers the seriousness of the issue and its likely impact on the...

Podcast: Uber’s IPO and the Truth About Tech

Uber’s initial public offering (IPO) is scheduled for Friday. In this podcast we break down what it means for Uber and the broader technology sector.
Market Actionvideo

Podcast: How Trump’s Economy Is Lifting the Stock Market

The U.S. economy keeps silencing the naysayers. This podcast breaks down what’s happening and says what it could mean for financials, small caps and the U.S. dollar.

Podcast: Investors Chasing Stocks As the Other Shoe Fails to Drop

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are leading a rally in technology stocks. Some companies are repairing damage from last year, while others just keep innovating. The podcast also highlights some newer companies you...
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