Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Day in the Life of a TradeStation App: Moon-ES

Earlier this week highlighted automated strategies. They're one of TradeStation's most important features, putting the power of machine-think to work in your own portfolio. In addition to letting you create your own strategies, TradeStation has...

Triangles in Tech

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. Today let’s check out some triangles in tech. Stocks sometimes have “continuation patterns.” That’s when they’re rising or falling over...

Digging Below the Surface: Breadth

We recently highlighted how all the good news seemed priced into the market. That, in turn, created the risk of any incremental developments triggering negative responses. This has played out pretty much as expected since...

Is All the Good News Priced In?

Stocks are in the midst of their third losing week in four, volatility's building and interest rates are rising. Some potentially significant chart patterns have also emerged following some important news events. Today we take a step back to consider the bigger picture.

Why Inflation Doesn’t Worry Marc Chaikin

The veteran trader lived through the 1970s bear market, but he's not getting out the bell bottoms yet.
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