Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Real Winner of Midterms May Be This Sector

Less than a week after the mid-term elections, health-care stocks have emerged as winners. Health care was a top issue ahead of the election, with...
Health Care Sector Keeps Showing Bearish Symptoms

Safe Haven No More? Health Care’s Not Feeling So Great

Everyone's focused on tariffs and the global economy. But another potential risk may be emerging: worsening price action in the health-care sector.
Bull in ring

Two Bulls in One? Patterns on a Forgotten Dow Member

When's the last time you looked at Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)? It's probably been a while, judging by the kind of names that generally...

Two sectors on breakout watch

This post is intended for educational purposes and should not be considered a trading recommendation. Two sector funds may be on breaking out as bullish...

Cannabis Craze Drives Activity: September at TradeStation

The cannabis craze swept markets in September, with TradeStation clients riding the wave. Canadian marijuana firm Tilray (TLRY) was the third-busiest stock on our platforms...
Back from the Dead? High-Stakes Options Trade in Hospital Space

Back from the Dead? High-Stakes Options Trade in Hospital Space

A hospital company drowning in liabilities just reported good results. Now a trader is using options to position for a comeback.
Harpoon Going Public as Market Waits for Uber IPO

Harpoon Going Public as Market Waits for Uber IPO

Initial public offerings have faced a double-whammy of challenges, but now experts expect a pickup. First, the stock market  ended 2019 with its worst quarterly...

Marijuana Momentum, Airlines Ascending: Groups in Focus

Two different groups have been "flying under the radar" and "hitting new highs" in recent weeks. Let's check them out. First: Flying under the radar....

Massive Options Trade Looks for Bounce in Ailing Sector

Health-care stocks have been lagging all year, but yesterday an options trader looked for quick a bounce. Check...

Options Light Up as Cannabis Craze Sweeps Market

Marijuana's supposed to calm people down, but that didn't happen in the stock market yesterday. Frenzied with Canada's legalization on October 17, traders streamed in...
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