Monday, December 9, 2019

Here Comes the Dow…

The world's most famous stock benchmark has been caged up all year. Is it ready for a breakout? The Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) is...

Winners and Losers as Rates Shoot Higher

First the five-year, then the 10-year. Now the yield on the 30-year bond is also hitting new highs. $TYX.X is the chart to watch on...

In Case You Missed All the IPOs

Technology has dominated IPOs recently, but some energy names and a yoga-themed hotelier have also surged of late.
Big Tech to the Rescue! Earnings this Week

Big Tech to the Rescue! Earnings this Week

The bears may have to wait before they get their pullback. That's how earnings season has shaped up so far.

Volatility and volumes: February at TradeStation

If two words summed February, they would be "volatility" and "volume." Both spiked across the market. CBOE's fear gauge, the VIX volatility index, shot to...

Rail Traffic Continues to Spike

Railroads closed at a new high as freight traffic climbs to its strongest level in years.

Is This Nasdaq Stock Revving Higher?

Most stocks on the Nasdaq have been rolling over recently, but one big name could be on the verge of revving to new highs. Tesla...

How Tax Cuts Have Hit the Mark, One Month In

President Trump's "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" was signed into law one month ago today. So far response has been strongly positive as executives raise...

Bears Merciless Toward Ailing Blue Chip: Options Recap

Put volume spiked in General Electric yesterday as hopes of a quick turnaround faded.

Can jet engines save General Electric?

Something unusual happened on Friday. General Electric (GE) shares moved higher. The struggling industrial behemoth stunned investors by reporting better-than-expected earnings and revenue. That made...
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