Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Retail & Railroads: Options Recap

Here's a breakdown of some big options spreads from Tuesday. Both reflected continued optimism about the economy. First, a put ratio spread in the SPDR...

Two sectors on breakout watch

This post is intended for educational purposes and should not be considered a trading recommendation. Two sector funds may be on breaking out as bullish...

Rail Traffic Continues to Spike

Railroads closed at a new high as freight traffic climbs to its strongest level in years.

Get Ready for the Dog Days of Summer

The S&P 500 inched higher last week as tech and transports bounced. Still it was the tightest range of the year.

Transports Jump as Oil Retreats

Airlines were the best subgroup in the market yesterday and railroads closed at a new record high.

Bears Merciless Toward Ailing Blue Chip: Options Recap

Put volume spiked in General Electric yesterday as hopes of a quick turnaround faded.

In Case You Missed All the IPOs

Technology has dominated IPOs recently, but some energy names and a yoga-themed hotelier have also surged of late.

Industrials May Be on the Mend

Economic news has been positive as the SPDR Industrial ETF (XLI) breaks resistance.

Winners and Losers as Rates Shoot Higher

First the five-year, then the 10-year. Now the yield on the 30-year bond is also hitting new highs. $TYX.X is the chart to watch on...

Are the Rails Starting to Move?

Have you looked at the rails lately? Some investors may be starting to do just that. The big three U.S. operators registered "double beats" last...
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