Thursday, August 22, 2019
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The Yield Curve Inverted, and the Bears Are Going to Work

The big story today is that weak economic numbers overseas caused the yield curve to invert. That means the...

Financial ETF Soaring as Sentiment Quickly Turns Positive

Financial stocks are on the move as changing sentiment draws money back to a forgotten corner of the market.

Uber IPO in Sight as Banks Line Up

Uber's initial public offering (IPO), one of the most anticipated deals in history, is drawing near. "Uber hires more...

How Friday the 13th could be lucky this year

Will Friday the 13th be lucky this year? Here are some reasons it might. That's when earnings season really gets going, led by major financials...

What the Numbers May Say About Banks

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. There are many ways to measure strength in the...

Bulls Shrug Off Government Shutdown

Who cares about a government shutdown? It's earnings season! That seems to have been the market's message last week as major stock indexes continued their...
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