Friday, May 29, 2020
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Cannabis Stocks Lagging Sharply as Bad News Piles Up

The S&P 500 is pushing to new highs, but cannabis stocks aren't so lucky. Well known names like Canopy...

Market High on Aurora Cannabis as Peltz Joins Pot Grower

Cannabis stocks have been on fire since last summer, and the buzz continued today as a major financier joined the industry.

These Guys Are Spending a Lot of Money

Cannabis stocks, all the rage in September, just issued their results. And they're spending a ton of money. Just look at Tilray (TLRY), which rose more...

Traders Toking Profits as a Red-Hot Space Gets Smoked

Buy the rumor, sell the news. The old adage is playing out today as weed goes legal in Canada. Cannabis stocks have been pretty much...

Options Light Up as Cannabis Craze Sweeps Market

Marijuana's supposed to calm people down, but that didn't happen in the stock market yesterday. Frenzied with Canada's legalization on October 17, traders streamed in...

Marijuana Momentum, Airlines Ascending: Groups in Focus

Two different groups have been "flying under the radar" and "hitting new highs" in recent weeks. Let's check them out. First: Flying under the radar....

New Companies Back on the Rise

Back in the spring, there was a wave of bullishness in initial public offerings. After a few pullbacks, some of those companies are pushing...
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