Friday, May 29, 2020
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Media ETF on the Move as Disney Shifts to Streaming Services

Media stocks are on the move as a key player in the space makes an historic shift. The SPDR...

Indexes Are Fighting at a Key Level

Stocks ripped hard to start the year, but now comes the hard work. The S&P 500 is back to a potentially key price area between...

Options Trader Braves Volatility in Media Giant

Damn the volatility -- full speed ahead. That seemed to be the message from one big options trader in Comcast (CMCSA) yesterday: A block of...

Boring Stocks Rose Before the Midterms

After October's volatility, investors seemed to be playing it safe. Big and "boring" stocks are among the top performers in the last month.  Most of them...

Is History Leaving These Stocks Behind?

In case your inner bear is getting hungry, here are a few companies failing to thrive in the current market.

Bulls Shrug Off Government Shutdown

Who cares about a government shutdown? It's earnings season! That seems to have been the market's message last week as major stock indexes continued their...

How Tax Cuts Have Hit the Mark, One Month In

President Trump's "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" was signed into law one month ago today. So far response has been strongly positive as executives raise...
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