Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Disney Steals the Show and Groceries Drive Wal-Mart: Earnings This Week

The last week of earnings has seen traditional blue-chip companies break out as they borrow tricks from Silicon Valley.

FANG Gets Disrupted as the Dow Strikes Back

Two major "FANG" stocks are getting disrupted as members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average take business back into their own hands.

Are You Ready? November 2019 Is a Huge Month for Streaming...

A whole new world of digital media is starting this month, thanks to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Stocks Break Out to New Highs as One Fear After Another...

Stocks broke out to new highs last week as economic and trade fears evaporated, drawing naysayers back to the market.

Roku Rockets as a New Generation of Tech Shoots Higher: Earnings...

Last year was all about weakness in giant tech stocks. This year could be all about the next generation of high-flying growth...

Disney, Microsoft Led the Dow Higher in the Second Quarter

Today's the last day of the second quarter. A pair of blue-chip disruptors led the market higher during the period.

Rollercoaster Week for Stocks as Trump Renews the Trade War

Stocks just had their most dramatic week of the year after President Trump renewed his trade war against China.

Good News Shrugged Off: Earnings This Week

Investors are looking past good quarterly results and punishing stocks that missed estimates. In the last week, companies like...

Media ETF on the Move as Disney Shifts to Streaming Services

Media stocks are on the move as a key player in the space makes an historic shift. The SPDR...

Don’s Notebook May 8, 2018

Don’s Notebook May 8, 2018 Make sure to review overnight comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell who was speaking  at the Swiss National Bank and...
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